Homeopathy Testimonials


I just wanted to update you on Maya’s progress. She is sleeping consistently all night (yay!), has a calm disposition, and is putting words together into sentences!! I wanted to say thank you for your help. Our visits with you marked the end of a very long and scary year. I am so grateful for your kindness and expertise in helping Maya find her balance.”

Andrea, Dorchester, MA

We have been very happy with the treatments that Judy has provided for our twin sons. We did a lot of research on homeopathic remedies prior to working with Judy and felt that it was a safe option to try with our son who is both ADHD and ASD.  I expected some changes immediately and there were. At first my son had rashes and cold-like symptoms then as they cleared we noticed he showed more control and improvements in the symptoms he experienced prior to this.  There was a noticeable improvement in behavior, self regulation, self awareness and ability to advocate for himself.  This was significant in that his teachers also noticed it at school, and wondered if we had started to use medication.  They also noticed that he didn’t have the side effects of medication.

My other son has used homeopathy to help strengthen his feelings in our family dynamic.  This is hard to describe but he was off, not connecting with us as well as he should and we felt as though there was an energy stopping him from doing this. With the homeopathic treatment, this became easier, he just finds it easier to give to us and share his feelings, he is better at reciprocating our love for him.

Overall, our experience is very positive. I like that you are essentially unraveling a problem at a very deep molecular and energetic level. It’s easy to administer and there are long periods between remedy doses.  It is amazing to watch over the weeks and months the improvements. Judy is very thorough in her data collection and very responsive with follow up. I would highly recommend her for any family wishing to try homeopathy.

JLH, Quincy, MA

The day after my four year old son received his boosters and a flu shot, he developed a cough and soon after that his personality changed.  He often stared into space or seemed angry and violent and could be a danger to his brother and preschool classmates.  He had a difficult time with  transitions.  He would have temper tantrums if we didn’t take the same exact path to get to our destination each time. At preschool, he hid under tables and was starting to become a danger – throwing things and thrashing around. I am a firm believer in homeopathy and was using it myself before I decided to bring my son to see Judy. A month after taking his first remedy the cough was completely gone and he was sleeping better.  A year later I was able to look back and see that he was making progress at a much deeper level – with behavior and personality.  Our son was coming over to hug us, holding his brother’s hand, taking turns with his friends at school  and managing his frustration not by throwing his toys, but by using his words.  And he was able to look at us in the eyes. Now my son is in first grade.  He is making huge leaps and bounds in his social skills and learning the rules of the classroom.  I know we wouldn’t have made it this far without Judy’s expertise.   She has also helped in guiding me to better ways to boost his natural immunity.   I consider Judy to be our “family physician” so to speak.  She treats our entire family and knows much more about all of us than any of our conventional doctors would ever know.   By treating the whole person, Judy has helped our son become more balanced. She has helped him be the best person he truly can be!

Annette, Norton, MA

Emotional well-being

I think homeopathy helped me in a way that years of therapy, medication, self-help books, workshops, etc. has never done. I think it’s miraculous.

Elizabeth, Westborough, MA

The Trump administration just issued a law that affects citizens of my country, and basically means that after my term at Harvard ends in a few months, I’ll have to leave. This means I have no idea what lies ahead, because all my eggs are in the basket of US academia. Now, the relevance is:  If such a thing had happened before our homeopathic sessions, I would become all anxious and disconcerted, and the suspense and uncertainty of future would not let me do any work or function normally in life. But, thanks to you, I’m completely okay. I’m facing it with a grin and I feel I’m grounded and that I’ll swim whichever way the river of life turns. I feel a healthy balance between let-go and feeling in-control. And, it’s not like I’m in the denial stage. It’s something I feel, viscerally, living within me.  For that, I am grateful to you, so I voice my appreciation, and wish you all the best in life, both career-wise and otherwise. ” — Amin, Arlington, MA

I am a pretty healthy person who does yoga four times a week and exercises to get rid of stress. However, I decided to make an appointment with Judy Zeltserman to help me with a much deeper issue of anxiety and stress that just would not go away no matter what I tried. The first appointment itself was wonderful. It lasted about two hours and I felt better already just by talking to Judy. She is a very caring and open healer. Judy recommended a remedy the next day for my issues. Since I took the remedy I am doing well. I can tell a big difference. The underlying anxiety that was with me all the time seems to be gone. I am handling things a lot better! I have had awareness after awareness after awareness! I am making decisions a lot better now too! I feel stronger! I may need another treatment since my anxiety level was very high. However, I would much rather go this route when needed versus taking a pill prescribed by my doctor that just makes me feel numb and really never worked in the first place!”

Cindy, Quincy, MA

Judy’s work was amazing. I am a colon hydro-therapist with a history of bodywork for others – yet I needed a little lift in my spirit. Judy found the missing piece through an extensive interview producing the right homeopathic remedy. I felt immediately better. She is blessed with a gift for healing – I was so impressed. I highly recommend – especially if you need to get in touch with yourself!

Donna, Melrose, MA

Before seeing Judy I felt a lot of anger which I would either hold inside or express inappropriately. The homeopathic remedy Judy recommended has helped me to be more assertive – I can speak right up now to my husband and other family members and say what I’m feeling. My self-esteem has improved dramatically. I also have less anxiety and when I do feel anxious now it’s not nearly as intense and I’m able to work through it. For anyone considering homeopathy, I would like them to know that you do not have to be afraid to talk about your innermost thoughts. Judy is easy to work with, understanding, kind, patient and has a wonderful sense of humor. She showed a deep commitment to helping me that I have rarely seen before.

Gloria, Northborough, MA

It was a pleasure working with Judy. The remedy she suggested precisely fit me and was a surprise, I think, to both of us — a testimony to her open mind. I was impressed with the depth of inquiry she employed to arrive at this diagnosis and with her patience and attention to detail and most of all her ability as a deep and sensitive listener. She has a refined empathic ability. How can you mend a broken heart? All I can say is that Judy helped me.

Laurie, New Hampshire


Before connecting with Judy, I was a hopeless insomniac. I thought I had taken every route possible to help with my sleep issues. I was totally exhausted to the point of feeling delusional. I had several visits with my doctor, sleep disorder clinics, tried therapy, yoga, meditation, sleeping pills, both over the counter and prescription and every herb under the sun known to help with sleep issues all to no avail. I had a very relaxing meeting with Judy and filled her in on my history and more. Judy was very caring and sympathetic and very easy to talk to. She suggested a remedy for me in addition to some changes in my diet. Within a week of taking the remedy and following Judy’s instructions I was sleeping like a baby and had a new perspective on life. What a difference a good night’s sleep can make! I have had to take additional doses of the remedy after a period of time and the result was just as positive. I will continue to work with Judy as I feel she has a gift for healing people with such disorders. I highly  recommend Judy as she has changed my life.

Sandy, Needham, MA


I suffered very often from stomach problems, indigestion, gas, pain and bloating. I felt gas bubbles moving from one side of my stomach to the other. It was very sick and loud after having a meal and felt like an inflated balloon ready to explode. I met Judy when she was giving a presentation at the Vitamin Shoppe and I made an appointment to see her. She recommended a homeopathic remedy and a month after taking it I felt relief from all my symptoms. Thank you Judy.

Juan, Waltham, MA


Judy is pleasant and personable. She is very thorough in obtaining information on a client’s present and past well-being and is knowledgeable in her field. I came to Judy to seek help for my migraines and difficulty sleeping. After taking the remedy that Judy prescribed, my headaches have decreased significantly. I also noticed within several weeks that I was sleeping longer and more deeply.

Sue, Westborough, MA


Homeopathy is real! Dancing being my life, my son set up my tiny kitchen with all my music so I can freestyle in front of the stove. There was nobody happier than me. One morning sciatica took it all away. I lost my happiness because all I could think of was the pain. I started asking myself ‘will I ever dance again?’ I didn’t know which was worse – my back or my right leg. I really thought that my leg was going to fall off. I was referred to Judy Zeltserman by her mother. At the initial consultation, she told me not to expect a miracle and that my pain wouldn’t vanish overnight. She gave me a remedy. My pain started fading away day after day. I was very pleased. You know… I can dance again! Now I’m pain-free and Judy is my hero. I officially name her the homeopathic bombshell. Thanks to Judy Zeltserman.

Margareth, Roslindale, MA


I suffered from hemorrhoids for years. I kept taking the suppositories my doctor prescribed and spent countless hours taking baths with Epsom Salts, which he also asked me to do, none of which provided me any relief. With Judy’s help I’ve been hemorrhoid free for several years now, and I can’t tell you how great that is!

Tony, Newton, MA


We would like to let you know that since my husband first came to you for help with his vertigo about three months ago, he has been so very much improved. Prior to his first visit, he experienced very serious bouts of vertigo causing him to lie on the floor for up to 3 1/2 hours and forcing him to remain lying down for the day. He would sometimes throw up and was not able to get to the bathroom on his own. After seeing you his days are so much better. He still experiences slight dizziness in the morning but not to the degree of his previous attacks. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is suffering from this problem. He has been so much better thanks to you.

Hyman & Rose, Milton, MA

Ear congestion

I went to Judy with what I thought was a hopeless case. I had blocked Eustachian tubes and was completely deaf in one ear and about 90% deaf in the other ear. My problem had come about suddenly and was the result of a cold with a bad cough. My regular MD wanted to send me to a specialist who would puncture holes in my eardrums. I read reviews of the conventional cure for my ailment and as much as I wanted to hear again, I was afraid of this very invasive procedure and disturbed by the reality that there was no guarantee it would restore my hearing. Not knowing what to do, I suffered with my near deafness for about 5 months. I stumbled across Judy’s website and decided it was worth a try. Judy took the time to ask me a lot of questions and apparently she asked all the right ones. She recommended a very inexpensive and easy-to-take remedy. Within 12 hours of taking the remedy, I felt movement in my ears. Within 48 hours of taking the remedy, my hearing was completely restored. I was as surprised as anyone and thrilled that my cure was so safe and natural. Judy is a treasure and we are so fortunate to have such a skilled practitioner of homeopathy in our area.

Judy, Medfield, MA